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Elentiri's website has moved!

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Welcome to the Halls of the Elentiri

The night sky is filled with stars.  Each star on it's own provides a glimmer and sparkle, while together they shine glorious beauty upon the lands and shores of Arda.

For thousands of years the Elentiri have brought light to Middle Earth through deeds both big and small.  Whether through epic battle or quick errand, it is the accumulation of light that will eventually remove the shadows from Middle-earth. 

"Henceforth we shall be known as the Elentiri, and we shall ensure that even in times of night, not all will be utterly black, for the stars will still shine to guide our paths true."

Elentiri is a RP Questing Kinship
on the Lord of the Rings Online Landroval Server that combines lore appropriate RP with in game questing, content and fellowship.

RP + Questing: The Elentiri is a RP Kinship that seeks to combine role-play with questing and other in-game content in LotRO.  We believe role-playing can enhance LOTRO's content, and that likewise LOTRO's content can enhance our role-play.  Since our founding in July 2007, we have endeavored to bring RP to every last nook and cranny of Turbine's representation of Middle-Earth.

Storytelling: More than anything, we want to build memorable stories.  That being said, in addition to RPing in-game, many of our members enjoy writing narratives about their characters in our Open RP forums. 

Respecting the Lore: We are focused on keeping our RP and writing appropriate to the spirit of Tolkien's work.  Yet, while we hold all characters to a high standard of lore-appropriateness, we also realize not everyone is a Tolkien scholar, and we happily accept both players who have read the Silmarillion ten times and players who have only seen The Hobbit cartoon.  We will work happily with all members to help them create the characters they want to play in a way that meshes comfortably with Tolkien's world.

Enjoying the Game: Finally, while we are primarily an RP kinship, we are also gamers, and many of our members do enjoy discussing and participating in LOTRO's various game systems, even in an OOC capacity.  We are definitely not raiders, but we do have experience running many end-game instances.  This is by no means required of members--but the opportunity is there for those who enjoy MMO advancement for its own sake.

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